Talk Description

Foxconn employs more than one million people in China alone. As the world’s largest contract manufacturer, it works for Apple and many other electronics brands. Foxconn workers are the iSlaves who face horrendous conditions while producing communication tools like iPhones and iPads.

In 2010, a series of worker suicides shook the Chinese Foxconn factories and drew world-wide attention. Management promised to improve conditions and increase wages, but the situation has not changed much since: Foxconn accelerated the relocation of factories to the Chinese hinterland, employs student interns as “cheap” labor, covers up work accidents, and still relies on its militaristic management regime.

However, Foxconn workers are far from being passive victims. They have used everyday forms of resistance against the rhythm of the assembly line and have been able to stage strikes in various Foxconn factories around China.

This talk is based on‘s collective research and activity around the struggles of Chinese migrant workers and will use words, photos, and films to present the situation at Foxconn. The discussion will focus on ways to support the iSlaves of Foxconn and relate their struggles to our own.